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All About Home Automation

What is home automation?

All About Home Automation

Home automation, or smart home, is a system that allows you to control various devices in the house. With technology advancements, more people incorporating smart technology into their lives. This relies on Internet of Things to automate the house, from lightings to sprinklers and more. Home automation gives you the control over machines in your household in a smart way. This means you can control your lightings, tv, music and more from the palm of your hands; through your smartphones.

 While not every product company may support home automation now, it is slowly transitioning towards it. Currently, devices such sprinkler systems, thermostats, lights, appliances, heating, cooling and more can be operated through smart tools. This novel tool is also relatively simple and inexpensive. Moreover, by connecting it to the internet, its efficiency improves multifold. It can turn your devices on the system on an off remotely, which means that you can easily operate your machines even if you are out on vacation.

Home automation system market

The global home automation system market is predicted to reach USD 78.2 Billion by the year 2022. There are also claims of the market growth increasing in products, software, services and more. The research methodology used to forecast it’s market is done through secondary research and takes into consideration the market segmentation. According to the research, usage of home automation market is predicted to increase the most in Europe. There is also a predicted revenue growth rate increase of 17% to occur yearly.

Among all the home automation products, lighting controls are expected to grow at the highest rate in the coming years. Moreover, smart meters may also take the audience by storm. These record energy consumptions at frequents times. They communicate this information back to authorities. Therefore, there is a probability these sensors may be operated more in the commercial sections. These meters will also help customers reduce their overall energy bills and conserve energy. Therefore, home automation market for these smart meters is expected to see growth in the coming period.

Benefits to commercial and residential customers

The technology around home automation is built to facilitate the common new age man. In a world where time equates to money, mundane tasks can take a large bracket of our time and energy. Home automation is commonly referred to as ‘Internet of Things’. Everyone has an IP address that can monitor, accessed and used remotely. By scheduling and assigning smart machines tasks, commercial and residential customers can ideally save energy and time that can be utilized on important monetary matters and business goals.

The greatest advantage of using home automation tools is the energy efficiency aspect. This technology has the profound potential for energy and cost savings. When air conditioning and heating is truly smart, it uses a temperature that is just right. Which means extra energy is conserved rather than wasted. For commercial customers, this maintains conditioning at an average level. Home automation devices can also be scheduled. For example, customers can turn it on for a specific time of the day and turn it off during the night. Moreover, home automation devices can also change the brightness of lights. For example, in the morning when customers can dim the bulbs through automatic scheduling and at night luminosity can be brightened up.

Moreover, another benefit of home automation tools is enhanced security. Sensors, surveillance cameras, and alarms can all be connected to home automation systems. These can work together to ensure that the home remains safe and sound. For example, smart sensors can quickly alert the police if someone tries to break into a smart home. They can also send federal agencies the footage of the thief; this overcomes the issue of a false alarm.

Why is home automation on a growth pattern?

The growth of home automation system is typically attributed to the growth of Internet of things market, the cost efficiency factors, enhanced security, and the importance of monitoring homes from remote locations. The home automation market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 12.46% between 2016 and 2022. Anything that can be connected and operated through a network can fit in the home automation bandwagon. In the real world, this relates to items that customers use in the household, very simple binary devices or complicated machinery.

Moreover, home automation has the ability to become smart when connected to the internet. This is when the devices have more power than just on and off functions. For example, when devices are connected to smartphones and can offer more flexibility in functions. They can schedule usage of devices, make products more energy efficient and control other aspects of the device through the internet enabled PC, smartphone or tablet.

Devices that can be controlled?

There are many devices that can be controlled through home automation systems. These include lightings, shades, audio, video, door locks, garage door, sprinklers, pools and hot tubs, Smart televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, coffee makers, thermostats, sensors, cameras and more. These can offer customers a hand in their daily life and greatly reduce the amount of time taken on tasks every day. Moreover, these devices can be integrated together. For example, the coffee maker and the toaster can work in coordination to make customers a breakfast in the morning. These devices can easily be controlled via an iPhone app or touch screen device. Moreover, since all the devices are linked, monitoring of these products is very easy. Customers can easily log usage, energy use, and timetable on various applications. Likewise, these can be operated remotely.

Moreover, the camera and surveillance equipment can be connected to each other to enhance the security of the home. However, customers need to schedule these devices together and make timetables for them to work in harmony together. These can help us improve the security of the house, prepare breakfast and lunches quickly, turn lights on and off at night, turn the heating on, or turn the sprinklers on, basic functions that save a little bit of time.