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Bosch Security Systems enhances Easy Series intrusion control panel for home and small-business security

Bosch Security Systems has added a range of extra functions to its Easy Series intrusion control panel, to significantly enhance their versatility for home and small-business security. As well as generating alarms, the panels can also generate alerts in t

As intrusion control panel, the Easy Series has already earned a good reputation for providing enhanced security against break-ins and unauthorized entry. As the series’ name implies, the panel has been designed for easy installation, set-up and operation. To operate the panel, it’s only necessary to use a proximity token or press a single button.

In addition, the panel features a display with easy-to-understand pictograms completely free of text. And the panel also speaks to the user in his or her own language, with over 35 languages to choose from – providing alarm and system status information, even remotely over the telephone via text messaging to a user’s cell phone.

For added convenience, Bosch has complemented the Easy Series with comfort functions that provide an alert if there is a fire, and in the event of flooding caused by, for example, toilet or washing-machine leaks, saving the householder the cost of damage to house interiors such as wooden floors, carpets, furniture and even walls.

The new panel also includes a range of user-convenience functions that enhance a user’s feelings of security. These include remote activation at a garage door, allowing the householder to access his or her house or office without having to walk through the rain or the dark, and automatic illumination control to light up the route from garage to house to provide the householder with a safe and welcoming feeling on arrival.

The panels even allow the central-heating and air-conditioning to be switched on or off remotely by telephone, ensuring that the premises is at a comfortable temperature when the occupants arrive and helping to boost their ‘green credentials’ by saving energy.

House lights can also be switched on or off and electric roller blinds rolled up and down remotely by dialing into the panel by telephone, which can act as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders, making them think the occupants are at home.

And if the occupant is not sure if he has armed the panel, the status can be checked remotely and if necessary armed or disarmed remotely, saving an inconvenient trip back home.

All in all a useful product from Bosch, providing user not just with security but with a lot of convenient additional functions to make their lives easier and more comfortable.