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Hidden cameras catch home carers suspected of stealing from elderly relatives

OSS Technology has seen a sharp increase in internet sales of covert cameras from anxious families using hidden cameras to catch home carers suspected of stealing from elderly relatives.

Interest in this type of equipment has doubled since the technique was used in a recent TV programme exposing thefts from elderly people. Investigator Morland Sanders met families who had caught home carers on a hidden camera stealing from their parents and grandparents.

In response to the demand for covert surveillance equipment, OSS has designed and produced a range of hidden spy cameras in a variety of unusual guises. Hidden wireless cameras come as a Roberts DAB radio, a fragrant pot pourri, a decorative rosewood effect table clock and an air freshener. And hidden wired cameras are available in the form of a baseball cap, book, button, handbag, ladies’ brooch and a tie.

Hidden motion detection cameras include a completely self-contained recording device cleverly disguised as a casual tissue box to blend into any home or office environment.

“Of course, most home carers are honest and dedicated,” said OSS director, Steve Strong. “But it is extremely distressing whenever someone suspects that a carer is stealing from an elderly relative. The problem when this happens is that it is difficult to prove but a hidden camera can catch the thief in the act without their suspicions being aroused.”

“We are at the cutting edge of surveillance technology and can supply equipment for almost any application,” said Steve Strong. “The technology is really leaping forwards now in hidden cameras with exceptional battery life and even these products can be connected very easily without configuration to the internet to view that way.